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Coronavirus update

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the UCRBG remains open and operational; however, as per UCR all gatherings have been postponed including events, tours, rentals, and photoshoots. Campus updates are posted here: We appreciate your understanding and support of the Gardens during this challenge! VIEW UCR CAMPUS UPDATES

Spotlight on the interactive Botanic Gardens GIS Map

The Interactive GIS Application (app) for the UCR Botanic Gardens has been officially released to the public! We have utilized Esri Enterprise ArcGIS Online, so the “power of where” can be integrated into the project. To make this app user friendly, we want to provide a few tips on how to navigate your way through...
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Save the Geodesic Dome in UCR's Botanic Gardens

Save the Geodesic Dome in UCR's Botanic Gardens. Make a donation today! Donate
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Changes afoot at UCR’s garden oasis

INSIDE UCR -- For decades, the UCR Botanic Gardens have served as a quiet getaway tucked in a corner of campus where one can explore and enjoy nature. The 40-acre living plant museum still stands as an oasis from the bustle of campus, but some changes have been implemented in the past three years to...
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