UCR Give Day 2024

Support the Botanic Gardens!
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Give Day
Now in its 61st year, the UCR Botanic Gardens is a beloved destination for UCR and the wider community. We welcome thousands of visitors each year who come to experience, engage with, and learn about plants and nature. Our living museum holds a curated collection of thousands of plants, themed and geographic gardens, and miles of walking and hiking trails. Our activities serve our mission of promoting campus and community engagement in nature, gardens, and conservation, all aided by active volunteers, loyal Friends members, and generous donors.

Our educational mission comprises informative plant labels, interactive GIS Story Maps, informal educational events, and docent-guided tours for schools and adults. We aspire to elevate this mission by overlaying a program of interpretive signage that will engage visitors in learning more: why our plants grow where they do, how plants adapt to their environment, what is the value of botanic gardens, and more.

Your gift will help us integrate informal education and broader awareness into the visitor experience, so they leave knowing more about the Botanic Gardens and the importance of stewarding and conserving nature.

Please make a gift today and share our story with everyone who loves visiting the Gardens and participating in our many programs.
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