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Photography Policy


Group size is limited to 10 or fewer; face coverings and physical distancing are required; please see our requirements here


Photography Policy

Our staff works hard to maintain a beautiful setting for your casual and special event photos. This means repairing the significant wear and tear that happens when groups assemble for photo shoots. We do not charge admission to the Gardens but we do require permission and charge a fee for groups, which allows us to ensure that the Gardens are open and available, manage scheduling conflicts with other events and groups, and recover some of our costs of maintaining this beautiful setting for your photography.

No permission or fee is required for the following:

  • Personal photography of plants, nature, family and friends.

Advanced permission and payment of fee is required for all groups.

  • Personal photography in groups up to 10- no charge ($5 donation/person suggested)
  • Personal photography in groups 11-20: $50 fee
  • All photography in groups up to 20 people using professional, commercial, or paid photographer: $50 for up to 10 individuals; $100 for 11-20 individuals

University of California policy requires all photography using professional, commercial, or paid photographers, regardless of group size, to obtain advance permission and pay a fee — $50 for 1-10 individuals, $100 for 11-20 individuals. Larger groups are not allowed without approval by the Director.

To schedule a group photo shoot, please read our Photography Policy, fill out the online form, and pay the fee.

Contact us at ucrbg@ucr.edu or 951-827-7090 to obtain more information. 

If you have not received permission in advance you may be asked to leave.



Because we are a University of California living museum and not a public park, please follow these rules and policies:

Please note—The UCR Botanic Gardens is largely funded by donations, memberships, and earned revenue. The fees for photo shoots enable us to provide a beautiful setting for your use and recover some of our costs for staffing, maintenance, and operation of the Gardens. The suggested donation of $5 per adult is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for choosing the UCR Botanic Gardens as your photography site. We hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again

  1. If you have not received permission in advance, you may be asked to leave.

    Because we are a living museum, not a public park, please follow these rules and policies:

    1. Small amounts of equipment, such as tripods and one camera bag, are allowed.

    2. Additional equipment (lights, reflectors, props, costumes, models, etc.) or carts require

      advance permission.

    3. All garden-sponsored activities including events, tours, classes, landscape and maintenance

      activities, etc., have priority. You may be asked to relocate.

    4. Please respect and do not disturb or limit the experience of other garden visitors.

    5. Stay out of plant beds and trees and do not alter any plants or remove plant labels.

    6. Please keep the UCR Botanic Gardens clean and pick up all of your trash.

    7. Please use the restrooms to change clothes; photo subjects must be fully clothed.

    8. All other UCR Botanic Gardens’ rules and policies still apply; please see the entrance

      message board or our website for more information (http://gardens.ucr.edu).


No permission or fee is required for the following:

• Personal photography of plants, nature, family, and friends



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