UCR Botanic Gardens, bird walk (c) UCR / Stan Lim

Bird Walk & Breakfast



The UCR campus is a bird hotspot for both permanent residents and seasonal migrating species (see ebird.org).

The UCR Botanic Gardens hosts periodic early morning bird walks in the Gardens, timed for ideal sightings and led by birding experts from the UCR faculty and staff. Walks are followed by a continental breakfast where participants share sightings and observations and learn more about the local avifauna.

Our bird walks are open to all levels of birders, from beginner to expert, and are a good opportunity for beginners to hone their skills. It is not unusual to see at least 30 species in a single walk.

Please wear appropriate walking footwear.

Please note parking is not included in event ticket prices. All vehicles parked on campus are required to have a valid parking permit at all times.

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hummingbird with purple throat

The UCR Bird Checklist

For an up-to-date checklist of birds of the UCR Botanic Gardens, please visit eBird.org and view data for the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens, which is a bird hotspot. Checklists for each month can be generated and used as you tour the Gardens.

A checklist of birds observed in the UCR Botanic Gardens was prepared in 1974, updated in 1985, and revised in 2000. While no longer current, this list provides valuable information on the seasonal occurrence of nearly 200 birds that have been observed over the past 50 years at the UCR Botanic Gardens and elsewhere on the campus. The four columns to the right of the species list indicate the reported seasonal occurrence and abundance of each species.

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