Latest News for November 23rd, 2022


Director's Report, Winter 2022

Year end is a time of reflection, and what a year it has been! Contrary to expectations, the easing of the pandemic and Covid restrictions did not return everything to the same state as before. As I’ve reported earlier, we took advantage of forced down time to reflect on processes and activities and reinvent ourselves...
New Mulch

In the Works, Winter 2022

Cooler weather brings the best season for planting in southern California, and staff and volunteers have been busy with many beautification, maintenance, safety, and planting projects. We’ve also been busy with events and activities, as reported below. Gardens and Grounds: Miguel Estrada hired three new student workers, Brittany Carnero, Dahlia Vamstad, and Jai Moreno who...
Pam Roose

Spotlight on Pam Roose

Not too many people stick with a job for 40 years, but for Pam Roose there’s no other place she would rather work than a Botanic Gardens. When you love plants and nature as much as Pam does, the years seem to fly by. Pam began as a volunteer in the Gardens in 1983 and...

What to See, Winter 2022

Since I became Gardens Manager, I have walked the Gardens more times than most people. I have walked the Gardens in triple-digit temperatures, pouring rain, and windy conditions. In my experience, the transition periods are the best times to go a little farther in your Gardens walk. That means if you are accustomed to mostly...
By Miguel Estrada |
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