Latest News for September 18th, 2022

UC MG Docents in Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden UC Master Gardener docents are available in the Butterfly Garden on the first and third Sunday of the month March-November, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, to answer questions about Gardening for Butterflies including the life cycle of butterflies and which plants to choose to attract butterflies. More dates through October 16, 2022 Learn...
By UCR Botanic Gardens |

Wildlife of the Gardens- Japanese Koi

They grace the water of many aquariums, backyard ponds and even lakes. As you stroll past the pond at the UCR Botanic Gardens, look closely and you may catch a glimpse of a Japanese Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus). If you take the time to admire their beauty and elegant swimming, you will quickly realize why they...
By Michele Felix-Derbarmdiker |
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