Rare bloom draws record crowds to UCR Botanic Gardens

About 1,700 visitors lined up to see what the stink is about
By Imran Ghori |

It was the little plant that raised a big stink for a brief window of time.

The UC Riverside Botanic Gardens drew record crowds over the past week with visitors from all over Southern California coming by to catch a glimpse and whiff of Little Miss Stinky.

The rare corpse plant, which grew from 1999 seeds and was acquired in 2007, began blooming Saturday night, July 23, and remained in bloom until late Sunday night. Corpse plants only bloom when the belowground corm reaches at least 20 pounds, usually after at least a decade, and this was the first time the Botanic Gardens’ plant has bloomed. They only remain in bloom for about 24 to 40 hours before closing up.

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