In The Works, Summer 2022

By UCR Botanic Gardens |

During a mild-weather spring, our staff and volunteers have been busy with Gardens projects and activities, which are summarized below.

Gardens and Grounds:

  • Tree pruning was contracted to remove two broken branches and three dead trees, improving safety in highly visited areas of the Gardens.
  • A comprehensive safety audit was conducted in the Gardens by UCR’s Safety Engineer, and we are pleased to report that there were no significant findings.
  • As a result of our annual fire safety inspection, the area surrounding Schneider House has been cleared of debris and trees have been pruned.
  • Drainage work is in progress on the south-facing side of the greenhouse to eliminate standing water used by mosquitos and facilitate rainwater drainage during winter.
  • The irrigation system in the Butterfly Garden was retrofit for improved coverage.
  • Mulch has been added to the Rose Gardens, Herb Garden, Butterfly Garden, and more.
  • The grass area under the mulberry tree in Alder Canyon is now open after a few months of closure during the reseeding process.
  • St. Augustine grass was renovated by removing thatch and transplanting in new grass.
  • All drip emitters in the Rose Gardens and Chaparral area were inspected and changed to the smallest flow of 0.5 gph to reduce water runoff.
  • A new shade structure was constructed in the Subtropical Fruit Orchard to provide better growing conditions during summer for potted plants slated for sale.
  • More succulents have been added to the rock garden by the entrance steps.
  • A new planting of Aloe plicatilis was installed in the South Africa Garden.

Activities and Events:

  • Master Gardeners/UCRBG Docents have resumed their presence on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at the Butterfly Garden where they answer questions about gardening for butterflies and offer resources.
  • The Butterfly Garden has an updated map reflecting the new plants added this winter and spring.
  • A small online Plant Sale was offered to Friends members in early June.
  • The Gardens has been bustling with activity from tours of all ages and many UCR classes have utilized the Gardens this spring for their first in-person labs in two years.
  • After several years of working with campus architects, a new design to replace the Geodesic Dome has been approved and renderings will be produced to facilitate fundraising.
  • We are pleased that the Cal Poly Pomona Department of Landscape Architecture has tentatively accepted two of our projects, a Children’s Garden and an outdoor meeting area, for their senior thesis/design studio this coming fall.



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