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The Seasons

To Everything There Is a Season.....

Discover interesting forms, colors and textures in the Gardens throughout the year. Spring arrives early with a rainbow of bearded irises, flowering bulbs, daylilies and wildflowers. Summers are tempered by tree-shaded canyons and trails, and the many hybrid roses are in full, glorious bloom. Autumn's balmy breezes bring fluttering leaves and the flowering of many subtropical plants native to regions with "monsoon" or summer rainfall regimes. Winter's clear, crisp days feature slopes dotted with shining palms and an array of flowering trees and aloes against spectacular vistas of the snow-capped San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains.

Flowering in Spring

Angel's trumpet, Arizona rosewood, azaleas, bearded iris, beardtongues, bladderpod, blood-trumpet, bottlebrush, cacti, California buckeye, Cantua, cape daisy, cassia, Clivia, coral tree, daylilies, desert willow, Dracunculus, empress tree, emu bush, eucalyptus, gardenia, heart of flame, hibiscus, kangaroo paw, lilacs, matilija poppy, Mexican tulip poppy, monkey-flower, palo verde, Pelargonium, pineapple guava, pomegranate, pride of Madeira, purple wings, red valerian, roses, salvias, Shasta daisies, verbena, violet trumpet vine, Whipple's yucca, wild buckwheat, wildflowers.

Flowering in Summer

Australian fuchsia, bladderpod, blood-trumpet, blue potato vine, bottlebrush, butterfly bush, cape daisy, cassia, cashmere bouquet, chaste tree, Chinaberry, chuparosa, coral vine, crape myrtle, Crinum, day flower, daylilies, fortnight-lily, gardenia, golden-rain tree, Igiri tree, Jerusalem sage, lamb's ears, lavender, lily-of-the-Nile, lion's tail, matilija poppy, naked lady, passion vine, Pelargonium, pomegranate, primrose tree, purple wings, roses, salvias, southern magnolia, star jasmine, summer annuals, Transvaal daisies, Texas ranger, tipu tree, verbena, yarrow.

Autumn Flowers and Foliage Color

Aloes, angel's trumpet, autumn crocus, barberry, blood-trumpet, blue marguerite, butterfly iris, California fuchsia, California buckeye, chaste tree, Chinese tallow tree, chrysanthemums, cotoneaster, coral vine, crape myrtle, crassulas, daisy tree, fairy lily, flax lily, floss silk tree, fortnight-lily, gardenias, ginger lily, ginkgo, Gladwin iris, goldenrain tree, Japanese maple, lavender, nerine, orange jessamine, Oxalis bowiei, Plectranthus, pomegranate, roses, salvias, sasanqua camellias, spider lily, Sternbergia, sweet olive, tree dahlia, tulip tree.

Flowering in Winter

Acacias, aloes, Australian fuchsia, azaleas, Bank's roses, barberry, blue marguerite, blood-trumpet, Brazilian flame vine, camellias, Cantua, Ceanothus, coral tree, crabapples, currants, daphne, dogwood, emu bush, eucalyptus, Euphorbia xantii, flame pea, flowering almonds/cherries/peaches/plums/quince, Fouquieria, grevillea, heath myrtle, Iceland poppies, iceplants, lavender, magnolia, manzanita, melaleuca, narcissus, orchid tree, Pacific coast iris, pink trumpet tree, pride of Fuerteventura, red hot poker, red valerian, redbud, rosemary, salvias, saucer and star magnolias, senna, small-leaved rose, snowdrops, South African bulbs, toyon, tree peony, viburnum, wildflowers, wintersweet, yellow trumpet tree.

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